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Welcome to DMK!

The former Terrabyte Communications business is now part of DMK Business Systems Pty Ltd (DMK). All business activity is now conducted under the DMK name instead of under the old Terrabyte Communications trading name.

Dean and Jen Kennedy own and operate DMK, with some work undertaken by the extended DMK team including Mel Kennedy (Mel Harvey), Ashley Rivero and specialist partners and team members. Visit our contact page for full contact details.

Our approach

I’m reminded of a story about a client in 2003, and their dilemma with some display posters we’d organised for a bridal expo. The job was printed via one of our main poster print partners and shipped via Express Post, with the usual “next-day” delivery arrival guarantee.

(From September 2004, we now print wide format posters up to 600x1200mm (larger than A1) here at DMK.) — and from 2014, we now print wide format up to 1600mm (64-inches) by any length up to 25 metres (25m).

But I digress! Back to our story:

Three days later, the posters hadn’t arrived. But that wasn’t a total surprise, we had been liaising with our client every day to check on arrival — our client was holding out “in hope” of the posters arriving by the day of the event. With only a few short hours to go before the bridal expo, the client let me know they definitely had no posters for their display. It was an “Oh no!” moment and time for “plan B”! We were prepared to help, knowing in advance there might be a problem, and having only an in-house solution as the answer.

There was only one thing to do of course. Back then, I couldn’t get large posters re-done in a day or two (I can now — as we’ve got a wider range of suppliers as well as our own facilities), so I “tiled” some A3 posters together to make a new large poster (no-one spotted the difference on the wall of the booth, I’d taped it together for perfect display) put together a couple of copies, and jumped in the car and raced the posters across to the expo (a good 2.5 to 3 hour return trip in peak hour traffic) and arrived with literally 20 minutes to spare.

I spoke to the same client on the phone recently. She’s now based in Adelaide. She joked that it’s a long way to drive should something go wrong! I confessed that I’d still do the same thing if I had to — even though Adelaide is now 720km away. At least the Barossa Valley would be a nice diversion for some wine tasting before the trip home!

As much as humanly possible, in my business, I live by the attitude of “whatever it takes”. It doesn’t mean I’m perfect. Things are a little bumpy at times. And at times we have some incredibly tight client deadlines to meet (like a newspaper ad request at 4:50pm with a 5:00pm deadline). But they’re not “problems” to us, they’re simply “challenges” that require a bit of thinking and some practical action. And they’re challenges I enjoy, even if I’m always thinking of ways to get them out of the system so they don’t happen again.

I love my work and my clients, and I’m always aiming to “add value” for them. That’s what keeps them coming back. And constantly referring new clients.

Challenge solved. Happy client. Effective result. After all, that’s why we do what we do.

“Mistakes are inevitable. Dissatisfied customers are not.”
— Richard Branson